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Twilight Airport


Because of the unexpected cold breeze
There are very few shadows to be seen on the deck
Despite, our handing hands get warmer
Being stained in sunset colors

Without asking me anything
Gently you embraced me
The smell of you in your chest
Cheek to Cheek, it makes me crazy

Your shadow, which disappears at the sunset
To the end of time, I've stared at it
A dream that will eventually come true: being with you
I'd be never alone, would I?

So I can live
So I will not lose to anything
Surely one day, by the sound of bells
You will come...

Since now, I need to trust that this is going to be the future,
which will become true
because I'd like to always look at you

It would be enough just having you around here
Already, that would have been enough for me


Even if we can't meet, please keep feeling me
Even if you are far away, please stay by my side...


To the end of time, I'm waving to your shadow
Which is disappearing at the sunset
My Love, on the tip of your lips
This never means farewell, does it?

So I can live
So I will challenge anything
Surely one day, in the sound of bells
You will be smiling...

From now, I have to trust in the future
I will just believe in it
It will be enough if I could see you there
Already, that would have been enough for me

It's enough for me feeling your presence, anytime, anywhere...
Already, that would have been great enough for me,
maybe even now, because of your departure to a distant future


Lyrics: Keiichi Fukuoka
Music: Kumiko Mouri
Sound design: Kumiko Mouri
E. Guitar: Mauro Arrighi
Translation: Kumiko Mouri & Mauro Arrighi


Tune Core Japanese English


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