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Wet Roses is a production studio for music, photos and movies, which began to record and publish original songs, mainly written by Keiichi Fukuoka, since 2017.
The lyrics are concerned with today's Japanese women's inner emotional turmoil. The narrative within, it is aimed to empower every woman in the quest of fulfillment. The Electropop songs become a tool to release, express and embody the hidden true feelings of sorrow and pleasure, out of social concerns.

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Keiichi Fukuoka
Kumiko Mouri
Mauro Arrighi


In 1993, Fukuoka started performing his songs accompanying his voice either with the piano or the guitar at live shows in Tokyo. Fukuoka's original model guitars "ESP Cross Angel" and "ESP Requiem" were created by ESP in 1999 and 2009 respectively. Since then, the guitars have been exhibited several times at the Musical Instruments Fair in Tokyo, at the NAMM Show in LA and at MusicMesse in Frankfurt. The media took interest in these two uniquely shaped guitars making favorable remarks about the ESP brand and Fukuoka's design. Now, Keiichi Fukuoka is active as event planner and producer.

The vocals are performed by Kumiko Mouri, who is also a song writer and a composer. Since 1989, Mouri's original compositions, along with vocal sessions for other authors, have been released on 16 CDs with 6 major labels and 3 independent ones such as Polydor Records, Vap inc., MCA Victor, Universal Victor, Sony Records, Teichiku Records, Vivid Sounds and others.

Sound Design and Graphic Design are done by Mauro Arrighi. Arrighi is an Italian music producer, graphic designer and video maker now based in Japan. Arrighi has been active in the Academia lecturing Media Art at various universities in Italy, Japan, UK, and US. His focus is on contemporary Japanese artists and their relationship with animism. In 2011, Arrighi has published a book about the influence of Shinto on Media Art entitled "Japanese Spell in Electronic Art". Arrighi's music is on sale on iTunes Store. 

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