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Mauro Arrighi

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Arrighi is an Italian music producer, graphic designer and video maker now based in Japan. Arrighi has been active in the Academia lecturing Media Art at various universities in Italy, Japan, UK, and US. His focus is on contemporary Japanese artists and their relationship with animism. In 2011, Arrighi has published a book about the influence of Shinto on Media Art entitled "Japanese Spell in Electronic Art". Arrighi's music is on sale on iTunes Store.



Kumiko Mouri interviews Mauro arrighi
TOKYO 2017


ESP Craft House
plan for Mauro ORIGINAL MODEL

musician: Mauro Arrighi
translator: Kumiko Mouri

Special Thanks
ESP creating staff: Takenori Ito
ESP Museum director: Chiyoko Kimura

camera operator: Keiichi Fukuoka
planner & provider: Kei Station


Mauro Arrighi interviewed
by Kumiko Mouri

speaker & director: Mauro Arrighi
interviewer & planner: Kumiko Mouri

provider: Kimono beaT

camera operator: Keiichi Fukuoka
media art promoter: Kei Station

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